A downloadable business card

Ever dream about being a big Hollywood producer? With a few dice rolls, you can do just that! 

Oh, and if you might have a job for me in film exhibition or distribution, my email address and phone number are on there too, so give me a shout!

In need of a business card for CinemaCon, I found inspiration from a pair of business card jams to create Make a Movie! This game is the business card I'll be handing out (along with a miniature d6!) at the upcoming industry conference.

Let me know what kind of movie you made by leaving it in the comments below!

Don't feel like rolling dice? You can play the game with a just a click right here!

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorMichael Putlack
GenreRole Playing
Tagsbusiness-card, d6, film, filmmaking, movie, Tabletop


Make a Movie Card v1.2.pdf 215 kB
Make a Movie Front v1.2.png 235 kB
Make a Movie Back v1.2.png 274 kB
Make a Movie v1.1.pdf 220 kB
Make a Movie Front v1.1.png 250 kB
Make a Movie Back v1.1.png 296 kB

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Let's make this Witch of Destruction! movie I got from the Make a Movie in-browser generator! Just miss the $15 million budget. What a shame, this blockbuster will never exist


I'm planning on playing a campaign set in the Hollywood movie scene so this is going to be handy

Oh yeah. Let me know how you're able to use it and how it all turns out! :D